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At IMEX Vision, we understand that building a brand is one of the most important and challenging aspects of your business. That’s why we’ve created these full color, completely customizable cups at an affordable price. Our vibrant prints bring your personalized designs to life. 

Our high-quality cups and containers are the perfect way to bring attention to your brand, no matter the industry.   

Our customer’s needs range from the most basic to the very exclusive; therefore, our company is prepared for any order. We offer a large range of products in our stock designs: Single Wall, Double Wall, Triple Wall, Food containers and 100% Certified Compostable Products. If you prefer a design reflective of your business, our advanced printing capabilities allow us to customize products so you can advertise to your target audience.

IMEX Vision has been manufacturing high-quality food service products globally for 15 years. We are based in Lake Forest, California with an additional warehouse in New Jersey. 

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We’re in search of a few good people. If you’ve got the vision, and if one of these positions sounds like it’d be right for you, we’d love to hear from you.

Treasurer  Masters in finance or business admin.

Sales Rep  3 yrs experience in sales or customer support.

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Our most frequently asked questions?

Why choose Paper Products over Styrofoam?

Styrofoam products are made with petroleum along with other non-sustainable, toxic and heavily-polluting ingredients; therefore, not recyclable.  Many places in the USA have banned use of Styrofoam products altogether.

Are IMEX Vision Products Safe?

Consumer safety and the reputation of our company are a high priority for IMEX Vision.  All our products are manufactured with high quality material.  All custom prints and stock designs are made with Flexo Print ink, that is water-based, non-toxic and safe for use with any food or drink items.  All our products have passed all independent US laboratory testing according to FDA requirements.

Does IMEX Vision have minimum order requirements?

There are no minimums for our stock items.  However, we do have minimums for any custom prints. Please refer to the Custom Print section for additional information.

Can anyone order directly from IMEX Vision?

IMEX VISION sells to distributors, re-distributors, and wholesalers only.

Where do we ship to?

With our headquarters in California and an additional warehouse in the East Coast, we can ship cost efficiently nationwide.

What items can be customized?

Because IMEX VISION is a manufacturing company, we have the capability to customize any product we make to fit the needs of our customers.